Outside Shot w/ Randy Foye - Randy Foye & Noah Scheinmann

Everyone loves the “underdog.” We value their passion and work ethic and we relate to being overlooked at one point in our own lives. Outside Shot is a podcast exploring the journeys of underdogs. Throughout his 11-year-NBA career or from his time at Villanova, nothing has come easy for Randy Foye. But to truly know Randy, you must consider the road he travelled. From his birth in Newark, NJ with a rare condition in which his organs are on the wrong side of his body, to family tragedies and ultimately discovering how basketball could be his vehicle to a better life, he defeated unimaginable obstacles. On each episode, Randy and co-host Noah Scheinmann, spend time with diverse people who accomplished so much in spite of the powerful roadblocks they too have encountered along the way.  Season Two of Outside Shot is Sponsored by Morgan Stanley. Outside Shot includes an original theme and music from Award-Winning poet, writer & artist J. Ivy (www.j-ivy.com) and Aaron Richardson (@jsoulmusic). SUBSCRIBE NOW and share a RATING & REVIEW.
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