Down the Wormhole - Down the Wormhole

When someone says anything about “religion and science,” people tend to think of polar opposites, warfare, and sworn enemies. However, we see people finding ways to navigate their scientific and religious commitments every day. This leaves us with a question: How do religion and science interact? Down the Wormhole is a show created to examine the strange and fascinating relationship between science and religion. This relationship is sometimes generative and sometimes destructive, but it always requires a closer look to understand the committed people on either side of the aisle, and often in-between. Down the Wormhole’s hosts seek to have open and honest conversations that pinpoint questions many of us share: What does it mean for someone to be a religious person? How does that identity inform their relationship to science? Why are scientific topics like evolution, geologic time, climate change, etc., controversial for some people? What does machine ethics have to do with religion? Our hosts care deeply about open and honest conversations that will guide curious people into a deeper sense of understanding the roles that both science and religion play in making our world.
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