OfferZen Podcast - OfferZen

Listen to OfferZen's podcast host, Jomiro, as he chats to thought-leaders in tech, and learn how the most successful tech people are setting themselves up to win! With concrete advice, rooted in data and real-life personal experiences, you'll walk away from every episode with new lessons you can share with your team, your manager, your colleague, or even your rubberduck! ;D  Listen moar  |  If you enjoy this show, make sure you listen to our other show, OfferZen Audioblogs! :D Read moar  |  All of our audio content can be found as awesome blog posts too! Woot! Network moar  |  Community is critical - especially in tech. Check out our events page for meetups and conferences happening in your area!  Discover moar  |  Whether you're looking for your dream tech job, or want to hire a world-class tech team, give our website a squizz!
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