The Medical Mnemonist (An InsideTheBoards Podcast) - InsideTheBoards, FreeMedEd, Chase DiMarco

What if you had the skills of a Memory Champion? What if you could remember more, quicker, and retain information for a longer time? How much easier would the USMLE Step or COMLEX Level exams be? The Medical Mnemonist Podcast is a journey into the top techniques for memory, study skills, board exam tips, and accelerated learning training. With expert interviews, study hacks, and training tips to make YOU the next Medical Mnemonist. Building off of the InsideTheBoards platform, FreeMedEd uses expert interviews from the leaders in Med Ed fields and Memory Techniques to bring you Medical School training to improve your Board Exams and reduce burnout. From increased Efficiency and Productivity to better Work-Life Balance, these tips and exercises can impact every aspect of the learning, teaching, and clinical experiences. Reach us at or
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