The Daves of Thunder Archive - Dave Dameshek and David Feeney

Authentically funny comedy podcasts are a rarity. Authentically funny comedy podcasts that are scripted are even more unique. Daves of Thunder was both: a show about two Daves, Dave Dameshek and David Feeney, that revolved around their lives and their supposed friendship. Sometimes the show was candid and sometimes the show was scripted, and the magic came from that nebulous divide as the listener was often left wondering what was real and what was fake. David Feeney talked about his sexual prowess. Dave Dameshek talked about his three consecutive Connect Four championships. Producer 'Jacuzzi Pete' divulged his radical and often concerning thoughts about 9/11, the assassination of President Kennedy, and Paul O'Neill. The show was about everyday life, about the mundane and the extraordinary. It was a masterpiece. Daves of Thunder is a once-in-a-lifetime podcast that all fans of good comedy will enjoy.
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