The Fourth Leg - Technology for Global Security

Welcome to The Fourth Leg, a series of podcasts focused on one of the most complex systems in the world today - nuclear command and control - and its increasingly complicated future. Within this series we go straight to the experts, across multiple sectors, to discuss the modernization of nuclear command and control systems. ​ Along with colleagues from the Nautilus Institute and the Preventive Defense Project, Tech4GS recently hosted over 50 international experts at Stanford University to anticipate technical challenges that will arise from the modernization of complex nuclear command and control systems. We aim to spotlight some of the vulnerabilities within a modernized NC3 system while furthering the conversation with this series. ​Keep an eye on Tech4GS, as we will begin additional podcast series in the coming months focused on how to fix the internet, AI and global stability, and other critical tech and security issues- for now, we have so much more to talk about, so let’s get started.
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