SuperPower Up! | Super Power Kids | Sex, Love and SuperPowers | SuperPowers of the Soul - Tonya Dawn Recla, Neva Lee Recla, Tatiana Berindei, Jennifer Urezzio and the Super Power Experts

With shows like SuperPower Up!, Super Power Kids, Sex, Love and SuperPowers, and SuperPowers of the Soul, the Super Power Experts hosts bring you a wealth of information and training tips to master your personal power and harness your superpowers in life, relationships and business. Specifically designed to provide practical information for entrepreneurs, change agents, light workers, and seekers of evolutionary and high vibrational living, SuperPower Up! picks up where personal development, self help and spiritual growth leave off. Our listeners are those individuals who know they're here to change the world and have the courage to do it. We cover topics such as transformation, vibration and frequency, dimensions, divergence, healing, energy, matrix manipulation, multi-dimensional mastery, the rise of the divine feminine, children with exceptional abilities, and all things super powers. The SuperPower Up! podcast is the place where we explore real life super powers and give you the tools to unlock your own. Listen in each week to your favorite shows and practice the techniques provided by successful, practical and popular guests. "Personal power can only take you so far. When you really want to change the world, you need - Super Power!"  Tonya Dawn Recla, Executive Director of Super Power Experts
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