The Mom Stops Here™ - Dr. Michelle Deering

What if you could hang out with an expertly trained and compassionate mom, ask her any questions or share any concerns you had about your relationship with your daughter; then take an insight or two to transform your mother-daughter relationship? That’s what we do each week on The Mom Stops Here™ Podcast. Hosted by Dr. Michelle Deering –– Mother-Daughter Relationship Personal Trainer, best-selling author/speaker, CEO, and mother of twin daughters –– every episode is an honest in-depth look at how to navigate the journey of motherhood and the complex terrain of the mother-daughter relationship--the good, the bad, and the pulling-your-hair-out aspects of being a mom. The goal is to help you rebuild, restore, and renew the foundation of your relationship in this special place--your space--where The Mom Stops Here™.
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