The Rightly Show: Start and Grow a Brand-Based Online Business - Thomas McGee: Brand Designer and WordPress Developer

Good design applies to just about every aspect of building a platform. It’s in your brand, your Email copy, your correspondence with customers, and yes, the look and feel of your products and services. Whether you’re completely new to the concept of design or an experienced veteran, The Rightly Designed show will help you build a powerful brand through design, marketing, WordPress, productivity tools, and more. Hosted by Thomas McGee, a Graphic Designer and WordPress Developer, the goal of every episode is to provide you a fresh perspective on how to visually communicate your products, services, business, blog, or just about anything. Best of all, The Rightly Designed Show is here to answer you questions! Feel free to visit to submit your own question and we’ll consider tackling it in a full-length episode. The Rightly Designed Show is an official podcast of Rightly Designed: Previous Episodes: Questions: Host Twitter: @ThomasEMcGee Show Twitter: @RightlyDesigned Facebook: Rightly Designed
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