Saturday Morning Tooncast: Cartoons | Animation | Cereal - Heroes Podcast Network

The Heroes Podcast Network is a network dedicated to bringing varied podcast content to you each and every week with four weekly podcast shows and a weekly web series. Gamer Heroes is new every Wednesday and focuses solely on video games! Whether it's retro gaming, console gaming, pc gaming, handheld, or live streaming, Gamer Heroes is talking about. Screen Heroes is new every Thursday and looks at movies and TV with an emphasis on superheroes, comic books, sci-fi, and fantasy. Redshirts & Runabouts, is our dedicated Star Trek and neighboring sci-fi series, with new episodes every Friday! Finally, Costume Couture is our bi-weekly web series about cosplay, costumes, and costuming in movies, TV, comic cons, and more with new episodes every Monday on YouTube.
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