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Welcome to Saga Games Studio: Where Story Comes First! We are primarily an Actual Play Podcast group, but are generally pretty nerdy all-in-all. You can find our current line-up below with their release schedule. We also occasionally release bonus "minisodes" of scripted and/or enhanced material, but due to us doing this in our spare time, we don't have a set release schedule for those. Just think of them as a fun surprise like a ghost possessing your dog! Current Shows: - EctoCast: A Ghostbusters Actual Play - Releases every other Monday. Saga Games Studio premier podcast. Join five "good" friends delightfully, and frightfully, capturing ghosts in this Ghostbuster themed Role-Playing Game, all led by Ghostmaster Matt! A new Ghostbusters franchise opens in Washington D.C. and it doesn't take long for things to get weird for the rookie team. - Unbroken: An Urban Fantasy Actual Play - Releases every other Wednesday. The world always knew there were monsters under the bed. The world knew there were boogeymen in closets. The world knew there were things in the woods. Things neither human, nor animal; and the world turned a blind eye. There is one emotion that can barricade a person’s natural desire to know what’s out there in the world. Fear. One day something changed. Something forced that fearful world to break down the barricade and fight. Fight or be defeated. Defeat is not an option. Welcome to the new world of Unbroken.
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