Adventures in Creativity - David Szweduik

Each week join David (Usually Dave) Szweduik on the grand adventure into the world of creativity, also known as the Adventures in Creativity Podcast. With years of experience as a musician, writer, and photographer he's bringing you insights that he's learned and is learning on his own adventure with the goal of helping you unleash your own creativity monster! Did we mention he's a bit of a geek?! The weekly episodes are a mix of solo short form monologues designed to give you something new to consider on your creative journey, expand your creative horizons, introduce you to what he's finding inspiring, or simply motivate you to keep at it, as well as longer form conversations with amazing people creating incredible work in all manner of creative genres. From photography to illustration and music to metalworking, if you're a creative, welcome to the adventure!  To follow along with the show be sure to find him on Twitter as @davidszweduik, Instagram as @aicpod, or at the official home for Adventures in Creativity, the website! 
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