Morgan Wright - Morgan Wright

What is a sheepdog parent? A sheepdog lives to protect the flock and confront the wolf. As a sheepdog parent, you must also confront the wolf. This wolf may come in the form of cyberbullying, sexting, social media, suicide and addictive technology. So what is a sheepdog parent? A sheepdog parent: * Realizes everyday there is no safety in denial. * Lives to protect the sheep and confront the wolf. * Never negotiates the safety of the flock. Ever. * Makes the conscious, moral decision to be the example. * Dedicates themselves each day to equipping and preparing for confrontation with the wolf. Being a sheepdog parent is a choice. So is being a sheep. Wolves do not concern themselves with the opinion of sheep. It doesn’t matter what you think or believe. It matters what you do about what you think or believe. What is your choice—sheep or sheepdog?
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