The content of the Vigaland podcast is based on the podcaster's personal history as a victim of childhood sexual abuse, specifically incest, at the hands of her biological father from the ages of 11-24. The podcast is author, Viga Boland, who kept the incest secret for nearly 45 years, telling no-one, including her husband, until she was in her mid-60's. What followed was her first memoir, "No Tears for my Father", a detailed account of the abuse and how it happened. Viga followed that book with 2 more memoirs, "Learning to Love Myself" which is her story of recovery after abuse and discovery of herself as someone worthy of love. The third Memoir, "Voice from an Urn" is the one with which this podcast begins. This book is written and narrated from Viga Boland's mother's point of view. It will explain a lot of the questions readers of the first two memoirs asked about the mother's role in, and knowledge of the incest at the time it occurred. Eventually, it is the podcaster's intention to bring listeners segments from the first memoir, perhaps even the second. As well, since the author maintains a blog for incest victim/survivors at, some of the posts from that blog will occasionally be shared in this Vigaland Podcast.
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