Dirt Monkey University | Landscaping & Excavating Business Advice - Stan Genadek: Landscaping and Excavating Business Expert

If you get your hands dirty at work, this podcast is for you. Stan Genadek has been in the landscaping/excavating business for 30 years. Entrepreneur, business owner and family man, Stan wanted to create a podcast that focused on contractor education – more specifically – on landscaping and excavating businesses from the business side of things. The Dirt Monkey University podcast will interview inspiring experts of all kinds that will help us dig into marketing, sales, management, tricks of the trade and anything else that will help you be more successful and run a better business. Although we interview a wide range of different guests, we will always keep our focus on our listeners. Whether you're an employee aspiring to begin your own business, or a seasoned owner looking to sharpen your skills and expand your horizons, Stan and his guests' top priority is to arm you with the knowledge and inspiration you need to push yourself to the next level. The show will also feature interviews with industry experts and innovative entrepreneurs. The goal is to help you be more profitable, more efficient, have happier customers and of course, make more money! Ultimately, this show is all about contractors, business owners, and anyone that gets their hands dirty to earn a living. When not creating podcasts, Stan is owner of Genadek Landscaping & Excavating in MN, and is also cofounder of a website designed to help landscapers and excavators move dirt fill without brokerage fees.
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