Attack of the Killer Podcast - Attack of the Killer Podcast

Attack Of The Killer Podcast is here to rot your horror-loving brains and steal your daughters. Well, at least the brains part. Insane Mike Saunders and Jason Bolinger (of Prescribed Films) head a rotating cast of co-conspirators that, at times, includes Dustin Neill (Everything Horrorble), Teri Terford, John Stalter, and Justin Beahm (Fangoria Magazine). The discussions range from contemporary to classic, and the selections discussed span the gamut from ultra independent to widely recognized classics. The conversation is fun, sometimes informative, often unexpected, and always from the heart. At its core, Attack Of The Killer Podcast is a crew of friends talking shop about the genre they love and all work in. They would enjoy nothing more than to have you join them, if only for your brains. ...and your daughters.
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