The Budget Babes - Erin and Leila

Our names are Erin and Leila and we are mid-generation millennials and we are the budget babes! We wanted to make a podcast to bring to light our lifestyle, goals, dreams, and aspirations to not work a 9-5 for the next 40 years. I know, I know, this sounds completely nuts, most people will work well past their 40 years (especially since life expectancy is getting longer!). We both don’t like that idea since we are the following relateable millennial things such as: 1. We don’t like the idea of being at work for more of our life then we are out of it (70% of our yearly days are spent at work!) 2. We want to travel, and I don’t mean with our allotted 3-4 weeks a year. 3. We want to spend more time with people/places that bring us joy (Marie Kondo style!). With that being said, here we are - let jump into it!
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