Church Media Guys Show with Dave Curlee & Justin Nava | Live Streaming For Churches | Learn Podcasting, Video Production, Social Media and Church Media - Dave Curlee: Live Streaming Coach & Digital Media Strategist

Are you ready to add live streaming to your church's ministry? How about Podcasting? YouTube?? Are you ready to start reaching and teaching the people currently attending your church in a whole new way? Whether you're looking to enhance the ministries you’re already doing, grow your church attendance or reach people well beyond the walls of your building, you’ve come to the right place. CTA LIVE is an entertaining and encouraging show that helps small and medium sized churches harness the power of digital media so they can grow their congregations and reach people well beyond the walls of their church and most importantly, CHANGE LIVES! Dave Curlee, founder of, has spent over 20 years producing video and audio content for both off and online audiences. He’s created thousands of podcast and live streaming shows that reached hundreds of thousands of viewers – and is now focusing his experience and training to help small and medium sized churches reach more people and change lives for Christ.
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