Body Chat Podcast - Dr. Stephen Nedd: Chiropractic Physician | Educator | Sharing Over 25 Years of Knowledge on Alternative Health Solutions & Ron Nedd - Author, Innovator, Podcast Host & RealtorĀ®

It's not just politics where you'll find 'fake news' about all the false information about healthcare, nutrition, diet, and the body in general. Fed to the general population on a daily basis. If you feel you should only do what your doctor tells you and never question his advice, this Body Chat podcast is not for you. But if you want to take back control of your health; understand how to take care of your body, maintain it and get it fixed the right way; then you're in the right place. After more than 25 years in practice educating thousands of patients and friends, Dr. Stephen Nedd realized that the one-to-one method of getting out true health and body information just wasn't make enough of an impact. While discussing this with his brother, Ron Nedd (a retired Chiropractor and current podcast host), Ron asked, "Why not do a podcast where we can chat about everything you know about having a keeping a healthier body? Then put the podcast on a website where people can go and listen to it whenever they want." That's how the Body Chat podcast was born. For more, visit:
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