Real Dudes Podcast - An Indie Video Game Podcast - RealDudes!

The show where Karrington, Kyle, Cody and Andrew discuss the world of Indie video games! They dive deep into their discussions, so come along for the ride where they try and keep everything REAL! This is your stop for news, reviews and talk for all things in the indie gaming community. Trying to give a voice to those who don't have one. The crew also interviews ones within the industry both big and small! It doesn't matter who they are, if the stars are aligned properly they will interview them! Past guests have included people such as Darren Korb(Audio Director of SuperGiant Games), Jason Messer(Editor in chief at, Sean Beeson(Media Composer), Andrew Reiner(Executive Editor of Game Informer) and many more! If you don't want to miss an episode don't forget to hit that subscribe button! Also, share it with your friends! We would love to bring you all along for the ride!
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