Ham Radio 360 - Cale Nelson

Ham Radio 360 is your On-line Source for Ham Radio Edu-tainment! Hosted by Cale Nelson, K4CDN Ham Radio 360 is one of the most popular podcasts for the new amateur radio operator or those who want to learn about the hobby. Topics range from setting up your first station to operating DX, repeaters, antennas, building projects and product reviews. The podcast encourages ham radio operators to explore and learn about the world of radio communications in plain language and with practical advice. Ham Radio 360 is more than just a podcast, it's also a Industry News and Content Aggregate Site. If it's happening in Ham Radio, you can bet it's on Ham Radio 360 dot com. The Ham Radio 360 podcast is produced every two weeks and is available in iTunes, Stitcher and other popular podcast apps.
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