Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure - Triathlon, Endurance, and Ironman Lifestyle Podcast - Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure

YOU. ARE. AN. IRONMAN! Meet Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure. Three regular schmoes, three incredible stories. When two rank amateurs reunited over libations chose to shoot for the stars, the pair found--in the sweet sound of those four, glorious, words--the ultimate in personal achievement . Now, with multiple successful Ironman finishes, Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure welcomes its newest team member looking to celebrate his own victories, slay his own demons, and stand atop a podium of success built only through the perseverance, dedication and commitment of self. That, and probably more poop jokes than are necessary. Give us a try! You're already listening to podcasts anyways. Warning grown-up content ('cause we use swears like sh*t and da*n and stuff).
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