WellSeekers with Lucia - WellSeekers with Lucia

Hi, I'm Lucia, and welcome to the WellSeekers Podcast! This podcast is all about defining what it REALLY means to live life well and providing simple and accessible REAL LIFE wisdom, stories and solutions for anyone striving to form a better relationship with themselves and others. The perfect spot for anyone who wants to change and enhance their life story and live life more happy, healthy and whole. WellSeekers is a podcast that will not only provide fun, simple and informative ways to connect with better living and a community; a Seekerhood of people trying to heal, grow, shine and give back to others in this one crazy life. It also is going to provide you with thought provoking and game changing conversations on what living life well REALLY means. One podcast at a time we will make your life, our culture and the world a whole lot more well. You got this and we got you! Welcome to WellSeekers!
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