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...this mission continues to move forward with purpose, believing the future of the uhRealm exists. A universe where the creators of sound art are supported by it's followers, the true disciples of their creations. There shall be no other entity. Is this endeavour just a futile fantasy? This search for the future of the soulful vocal deep uhRealm is only the beginning. Just ahead explore with me now the preposition of a "Futility Fractured" Ep. 331 ...introducing the start of the 9th season of my 868 Fox Street sound art gallery endeavour, House Rhythm Radio The "NEW". Continuing the pursuit of the ever evolving future soulful vocal deep underground house realm. It has been said from days of old that this world exists. It has been told this, uhRealm, is made up of many hearts with one beat, extolling and expressing the beauty of love life dance. Travel with me now on this mission and encounter the many wonders of the finest freshest new and classic sound art signals we have found and will find as this mission progresses. Cross this threshold with me now and experience the season premiere of, "Quantum 9" ...here is a new journey. Experience the future of the soulful vocal deep uhRealm. Welcome on board the galactic cruiser of sound art, HRR The "NEW" ...exploring the way forward in sound art, exposing some of the most creative installations throughout the universe, known and unknown, along the way. The art of hearts, a true timeline of many, a desire of one, a future for all to experience. Welcome aboard HRR The "NEW" Ep. 315 "True Timeline" :):):):) Thank you for supporting the artists that support this project (:(:(:(: ...a People Powered Art Community (PPAC) project. ...enjoy! ..."mO` ...q{~,~}p ...Welcome to my sound art gallery and my Season 8 Premiere. It's been quite a year and a year since my last podcast. Thank you for checking out my weekly radio broadcast during my podcast hiatus. I'm resuming the podcast and for my Premiere episode, a first, an interview with one half of the creative duo Christian B & Lavvy Levan and co-label head of Friday Fox Recordings, Lavvy Levan. ...enjoy! ..."mO` ...q{~,~}p ...Welcome to my sound art gallery, currently on display, a fantasy, my sound art fantasy, a truly madly deeply traveled journey of the most beautiful dance music genre in the universe, my brand of the global indie soulful vocal deep, House Rhythm Radio: The "NEW" ...BIG congratulations to fellow members Christian B & Lavvy Levan of Friday Fox Recordings and their Top !0 track Rapson ft Nathan Thomas- Heat - Ep. title track, much respect for the creativity, fantastic soulful vocal deep art!! ...BIG congratulations to fellow member Glenn Thornton & Co., and specifically Slaag Records winning IDMA's Best House/Garage/Deep House Track 2015 for" Bob Sinclair ft Dawn Tallman - Feel The Vibe ". HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for your votes, sweet! Musical freedom is art. This PPAC (People Powered Art Community) project is the beginning... may I invite you to join 868 Fox Street on Facebook? The search or start of a new platform lies ahead.. - "mO` alDo SC since '09 Welcome to my house, home of my brand, " 868 Fox Street ". The art of song, storytelling in word and music lives here. :):):):) Thank you for supporting the artists that support this project (:(:(:(: ...a People Powered Art Community (PPAC) project I'm an budding college radio dj/Soundcloud talent sharing my love of the global indie soulful underground house music realm. Agenda set at: ...moving the genre forward, forever!
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