Positive Change with Dorena - Positive Change with Dorena

Are you stuck or falling short of your dreams? Do you have unpredictable moods and cravings you don’t seem to be able to control? If you have tried to change and it hasn’t worked, there is a good chance you have a subconscious block. Get unique tips and tools for changing money flows, unresolved trauma, body, health, weight and relationship issues. Enjoy special guests that will offer you their expertise. Listen to actual Change Anything Now! sessions with real people like you. Learn how crazy the subconscious is and that it is possible to change lifelong and habitual patterns that don’t serve us. If you would like a free session to be aired on the show, contact Dorena at dorenarode@gmail.com . You can find out more about Dorena at dorenarode.com/dr-rode. There is a short video on that page that will give you an idea what happens in a change facilitation session. ABOUT THE HOST: Dr. Rode has a Ph.D. in physiology from UCDavis, a degree in behavioral health counseling and over 20 years’ experience using unconventional methods to help people get unstuck. DISCLAIMER Dorena provides her experience and opinions about various topics as interesting information for you to enjoy. She is not a medical doctor nor a therapist. If you have a medical condition or health issue please consult your personal health care provider. Remember to be sensible and take care of yourself.
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