The Citizen of New Jerusalem Podcast - Adam Kane

Are we really going to let thousands of years of Western culture and civilization go up in smoke? The treasures of the past are being replaced by a plastic, consumer-driven world. A lot of us are tired of modern life—the pace, the expectations on all of us, the insane politics, the confusing religious landscape, the degrading entertainment industry, and the overwhelming mess of information available every second at our fingertips. And many of us are asking, Where did we go wrong? Can we ever get back to a simpler way of life? Who can show us any good? What’s the essence of true spirituality, and can we have it in our individual lives? What will the world be like for our grandchildren, and great-grandchildren? I’m just one guy, but I’ve got to try to face the real dangers and wonders of our world, and to speak hope into the malaise. Will you join me?
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