The Veteran Woman™ Podcast - The Veteran Woman™ Podcast

Empowering, inspiring, and encouraging women veterans and those who love them. Providing a platform for them to share their voices and stories. Providing a platform for advocacy and awareness without bureaucracy/red-tape. I welcome guests from all backgrounds – men, women, veterans and non-veterans. By the way, a veteran for me – by my definition is anyone who has ever served EVEN ONE day in the Armed Forces. I don’t care if you’ve been honorably discharged, dishonorably discharged, saw combat or never saw combat. YOU ARE A VETERAN. If you are currently serving – YOU ARE A VETERAN. I don’t care if you have an exemplary record or not – I WANT TO HEAR YOUR STORY – YOU ARE A VETERAN. This is the one place where you can throw bureaucracy, red-tape, and politics out of the window. I want you to openly and freely share your voice – struggles and successes equally.
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