Unusually Focused - Ryan Orrico

Unconventional ideas about marketing, influence, and getting your shit together. Free How-to stuff at itMightGetStrange.com Hit me up on Instagram: @ryanorrico ⠀ ★★★★★ Interesting stuffin iTunes by Tzuhree from USA on April 1, 2019 ⠀ His storytelling and the way he shares his experiences, trials, errors & ideas is pretty intriguing. And based on his podcast with Cecily Milne, his conversations are well organized - hitting many important topics, engaging and informative. As a yoga teacher, I got a lot out of just that episode alone; mobility, yoga, ideas related to confidence and decision making, embracing other people’s opinions and more things I decided to take take notes on after listening to it again. Definitely some interesting stuff to find in Ryan’s corner, even he “triggers” you along the way. ⠀ ★★★★★ Content you’d pay a lot of money for in iTunes by Beversdorf from USA on March 30, 2019 ⠀ Ryan gives away expensive marketing advice for free. He shifts your paradigm and kicks you in the butt, all while helping you find the IDGAF courage you need to make things happen in your business. ⠀ ★★★★★ Obsessed  in iTunes by MarshallWayne from USA on March 29, 2019 ⠀ Let me start by saying I don’t have any care about Yoga. I care about people who make an impact, and Ryan does that. I’ve been obsessed with his approach to breaking through in a dogmatic industry. It can be terribly off-putting to associate with “yoga people”, but Ryan makes it accessible by tearing down the charade that so many other gurus put up as masks. He’s a bull in a yoga studio, and I’m loving the front row seat provided by this podcast, and his Instagram account. ⠀ ★★★★★ If you wanna make a change... in iTunes by maticn from Slovenia on March 17, 2019 ⠀ I’ve been following Ryan’s marketing wizardry for about a year now. From a few interactions I had with him, I can tell that he really cares about his followers/customers and that shows itself by him constantly bringing more value to the table than you could ask for. This podcast is just another example of that. If you’re a business owner or you’re just trying to make a change in the world I’d highly recommend you hit that subscribe button. And if you have ever wondered what a mix of Seth Godin’s smarts and GaryVee’s practicality looks like … here you go. ⠀
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