Women Beyond Belief - Women Beyond Belief: Host Wendy Marsman

The Women Beyond Belief Podcast features interviews with women who have left religion. It is hosted and produced by Wendy Marsman, a former evangelical missionary to Brazil who is now an atheist. The podcast was originally started in April, 2017 under the category of the "Atheist Movement". It has now moved outside that umbrella to being focused on Secular Feminism and Social Justice issues including giving a voice to all non-religious women, including from the LGBTQ+ and POC communities. The podcast is a platform for women to express the frustrations, anger and loneliness they find when they exit religion. It is for women from religious backgrounds where female voices were suppressed. The name of this podcast is also a book title by author Dr. Karen Garst - Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life Without Religion featuring 22 women's stories.Karen Garst has a blog, faithlessfeminist.com and this podcast is also a place to feature the audio version of her blog posts.
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