Hypercube Laboratory - Time For The Show

TIME FOR THE SHOW was originally invented in 1648 by the Ottoman Empire for use as a rudimentary birth control device. Forgotten to the centuries and rumored to have been destroyed, TIME FOR THE SHOW was rediscovered intact in 2017 when Doktor Faux, Fidd Chewley, and Reverand peas sat down for Kwanzaa breakfast and found it in a box of Lieutenant Crunch cereal. Having found themselves in the position of being the only ones able to transmit the lost knowledge of TIME FOR THE SHOW to the masses, Fidd, Faux, and peas embarked on a weekly radio campaign to depropagate the status quo and reinstate a fundamental truth of reality that could only be delivered through bad radio. Spread your earholes open and bite down on a wooden spoon — it’s TIME FOR THE SHOW!
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