Spiritual Smackdown - For The Wild Femme

For the Wild Woman Ready to Rise We’re Rob and Jak. We’re real women, and just like you, we’ve been through a lot. The affair, the suicide, the broke ass months, the coming to riches, miscarriage, complicated pregnancies, and motherhood. We’ve been through diet changes, marathon training, best friend kerfuffles, moves across the world, and somehow we ended up here with a community of badass, beautiful women who want more from life than simply staying surface level. So we’re going deep. This podcast is going to connect you with the woman who’s been through the exact thing that you’re most afraid of. We’ll address the fears that keep you up at night, the heartbreak you’ve never healed from, the struggles you face in business, the impossibilities and matching joys of motherhood. We’re putting it all out there, and we’re calling on other women to do the same. We'll be calling upon a wonderful community to share their stories, with guests including Lori Harder of the 'Earn Your Happy' podcast, Lindsay Sukornyk, Catherine Cowan, Amy Allchurch and more! So, welcome to this space. A space to listen to those hard truths and learn from them. A space to connect with women who aren’t pretending to have it all figured out. A space for women to finally understand and celebrate that rock bottom is often the very place to rise. Subscribe to the podcast, join our community on Instagram @forthewildfemme, and get ready to rise!
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