Joyride - Joyride

Hi friends! Kerry and Tiffanie here....We are ordinary women living extraordinary lives! We are mothers (five kiddos between us), interior designers, actresses, healers, clothes designers, room moms, cub scout leaders, team coaches...(deep breath)...and passionate participants of spiritual pursuits. JOY RIDE is an invitation for those that are curious if there's more to life than meets the 5 senses. If you feel the call of the mystical and are curious to know what's behind the veil, we are your tribe! Join us as we explore all things energy, healing, personal growth, with positive, uplifting and encouraging topics. We'll be interviewing great thinkers, leaders and teachers in the spirituality, health and wellness, mind/body/spirit field. We hope that by sharing part of ourselves, we make you laugh, cry, think and believe that absolutely EVERY and ANY one can learn, grow, heal and live the life they came to this planet to live. Join us on this amazing JOY RIDE! For more information or to visit our blog, please visit us at
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