Meditate With Melissa - Meditate With Melissa

These guided meditations were created using a unique system of healing that works on your entire mind, body, and spirit. ​They are designed to not only work on the blocks you have now, but to evolve with you, deepening your healing as you peel back the layers on repeated listens. If you enjoy these meditations, please subscribe and share with a friend! Most of these guided meditations have workbooks and packages that are they associated with. To explore these workbooks go to Thank you so much for your support! Your donations, shares, and likes keep this work going. I am so grateful for you. You can find me on Instagram at @melissafield01 ( I suggest donating between $3 - $5 per meditation or $7 for the chakra series audios. You can learn more at or donate here: Paypal - Venmo -
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