Growth Marketer Academy by Squirrel Digital Marketing | Social Media Marketing | Growth Marketing - Ryan Eldridge, Chief Strategist & Andrea Eldridge, Creative Director at Sq

Growth Marketer Academy is a weekly podcast produced by Squirrel Digital Marketing, hosted by Ryan Eldridge and Andrea Eldridge. Ryan and Andrea share cutting-edge strategies for acquiring leads and sales for your business using growth hacking, digital marketing, and social media marketing. Growth Marketer Academy shows you how to put your product, service or message in front of your target audience and how to acquire customers online while building goodwill and brand loyalty. This podcast is for marketing managers, CMOs and business owners looking for the newest strategies and tactics that are working now. Tired of wasting valuable time on ideas everyone’s already using? So are we. Growth Marketer Academy is full of innovative ideas and strategies you won’t hear anywhere else. Frustrated by vague ideas you can’t implement? Growth Marketer Academy dives deep into subjects, giving you step by step guides to get you executing within minutes of hearing the show.
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