Adam Jones Heckles Deez with Reggie - The HECKLE DEEZ Podcast

MLB All-star outfielder Adam Jones (@Simplyaj10) now in Japan and co-host Reginald Fugett (@Tha_Reginald) bring you The Heckle Deez Podcast. Reggie and Adam take the stands to HECKLE DEEZ with guests to include celebrities, athletes, and others from various industries including sports, entertainment and business. The conversations generally range from sports (in Japan and the U.S) to entertainment and pop-culture, but no topic is off limits! Enjoy! Twitter: @HECKLEDEEZ & Insta: @HECKLEDEEZ *Music and Audio Engineering by Justin Gayles (@whoisgaelz) *Cover Artwork by Cameron Bennett (@supercamb)
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