Thanks for tuning in to Colorado.FM, the Colorado podcast. We all know that Colorado has really exploded over the last few years as the word has gotten out about what a great place it is to live, work, enjoy the outdoors, raise kids, and start businesses. In 2016, Colorado was the 7th fastest growing state in the US after being the 2nd fastest in 2015. Additionally, in 2015 Denver was the fastest growing large city in the nation. 96% of the population growth between 2010 and 2015 occurred in the front range and 68% in the Denver Metro Area (1). Denver has been ranking 1st or 2nd top places to live in the US. With Colorado Springs often right up near the top 10. While Colorado’s growth rate is slowing, it is still twice the national average. Economic growth continues to outpace the national average as does it’s new business creation rate and these new businesses create almost 50,000 jobs a year. The Kauffman Foundation ranked Colorado 5th among the 25 largest states in it’s Index of Startup Activity. One of the key reasons for this is networking opportunities for startups. Coloradan’s collaborative nature fosters these networks which is a huge leg-up for starting a company here. I recently read an article in the NYT about the food startup scene here in Boulder. The article is titled Foodies Know: Boulder has become a hub for new producers. The network is an amazing resource that is supporting an array of startups in this industry. While you tend to hear a lot about the tech scene, the foodies are going crazy. While I have already been attending events like Startup Week, and admiring Colorado based gear and apparel companies from afar, this article really piqued my curiosity about what other industries are blowing up around here. And that’s not even mentioning the marijuana industry. As California is hot on our heels as far as legalization, it is clear that this industry isn’t going anywhere and is making real waves in other established businesses. While the restaurant scene has seen unbelievable growth, liquor sales are declining and restaurants are having a harder time competing for workers. But all of these trends and opportunities are really fascinating, so I hope to really dive into what’s going on in this great state and learn more about the people behind these statistics. Of course, there are plenty of people who wish the boom would slow down, or even reverse. While things have been great for real estate owners, renters are getting squeezed and trails and mountains are getting more crowded (and some say less friendly). As a relative newbie myself, I can’t really complain. But I can get to know my neighbors better and be sure to wave when I’m driving out on the dirt roads. With this podcast, I hope to tap into all of the positive things happening here that make Colorado such a great place to live, work, raise a family, and start a business. Of course, If you have a business you want to talk about, or know someone who does, drop me a line. I’d love hear your stories. Be sure to visit Colorado.FM for all the podcast episodes and other resources we come across. Thanks for listening!
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