The Brazenist Podcast: Marketing, Social Media, Online Business, Branding, Travel, Productivity, Habits, and more! - Brooke Roberts

What does it mean to live a brazen life? It means boldly, unapologetically going after your most brazen, audacious, and badass goals. Land a dream job, make money online so you can work from anywhere, take that vacation you’ve been daydreaming about, quit that 9 to 5 job, create passive income, grow an online following, let go of limiting beliefs, get your health in order, and turn your passion into profits. Whatever your big dreams are, this podcast will show you how to get there. Welcome to the Brazenist Podcast where we share what it really takes to go after your biggest dreams and scariest goals. Each week, host Brooke Roberts brings you productivity tips, business strategies, social media hacks, and inspirational stories from those brazenly living a life of passion and intention on their own terms. Brooke shares the strategies, tactics, and tips she’s used: * to become one of the youngest executives in the meaningful travel industry; * to build multiple six-figure companies; * to launch online courses; * to gain a following on Instagram; * to become a professional speaker; * to travel the world as a digital nomad;* and to create location-independent living doing something she loves. Along with sharing her journey from Kansas farm kid to globe-trotting successful entrepreneur, Brooke brings thoughtful and inspiring interviews with brazen careerists, audacious entrepreneurs, and badass adventurers who share what it really takes to live a life they couldn’t even imagine.So if you’ve got big dreams and you’re ready to create a plan, do the work, and make some magic happen in your life...then it’s time to live brazen. Welcome to the show!
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