Wifey University Marital Intelligence Podcast - Wifey University Marital Intelligence Podcast

The Marital Intelligence Podcast helps wives win big in the high stakes business of marriage. Get wise with the following segments :Ask Wifey University Threats To Sustainable Marriage Marriage Intelligence The Internet of Intimacy The Alpha Wife Algorithm The Science of Oral Pleasure and Smart Sex Marriage Business Plans Wife Wealth Data Science of Dating and Marriage Marital Challenges and Conflict Do-Over Wifey Meets Hubby Matchmaking 
Sustainable Marriage Salutes Help Your Husband Succeed Husband Care Husband Hacking Wifey University Online Training, Webinars and Live Seminars Divorce Recovery Wifey Retreats Wifey Wifey University.com is THE world leader in executive wife training, sustainable marriage engineering, wife wealth, marriage intelligence and analysis, marriage metrics, marriage business plans, husband care, helping your husband succeed, husband hacking, inlaw-a-nomics and more ... Wifey University's Marital Intelligence Podcast hosted by Maverick Marriagepreneur and Alpha Wife with 3+ decades of divorce proof sustainable marriage engineering to her credit, Rhonda Coleman Albazie, #1 Wifey Coach to executive wives of the world's happiest, healthiest and wealthiest marriages; Founder and Head of School at Wifey University, CEO of the Wifey Companies, Wifey Meets Hubby Matchmaking, Wifey Retreats, Wifey  University Branded Products and Public Speaker, Author, Writer, Producer and Filmmaker at Marriage Intelligence Media.  Coleman-Albazie's proprietary Marriage Business Plans, Marriage Metrics and Wifey Meets Hubby Matchmaking are powered by smart technologies including ai, machine learning and data science.  Get wise at WifeyUniversity.com, the prestigious institution offers online training, webinars, live seminars, automated video training, on campus training at the class "A" bricks and mortar campuses and one-on-one Wifey Coaching to help wives win big in the high stakes business of marriage. Get wise.  WifeyUniversity.com  MarriageIntelligenceMedia.com   Intelligent wives are the experts of their marriages. Wifey University is the world leader in sustainable marriage engineering, executive wife training, husband hacking and wife wealth. Together we partner in your vision of a dream marriage and life. Our clients gain access and empowerment by leveraging our proprietary systems and proven marriage programs backed by decades of sustainable Alpha Wife marriage successes. Get wise at WifeyUniversity.com
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