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Social apps help you connect with friends, share your thoughts and control exactly what you let the world know about where you are and what you're doing. This collection features some of the most popular apps in Google Play, as well as some hidden gems that really impressed our editors.
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Social Apps App Focus


StumbleUpon Inc.
Discover and share the newest stuff you find on the internet with all your friends.


Second Gear Software
Built to preserve your privacy and ensure you remain in full control of your social presence online. Share what you want and nothing more.


Fancy lets you flaunt your personal style, share your perspective on the world and virtually window-shop for the next big thing.


Safely share your location - send someone a glympse and they know where you are. Your location is only shared for as long as you specify.


Google Inc.
Stay connected and share life as it happens. The instant uploads save your memories and hangouts will help you forge new ones!

Plume For Twitter Premium

UberMedia Inc.
Visually appealing twitter client that lets you customise the experience to suit your needs.

Friendcaster for Facebook

OneLouder Apps
This app has a gorgeous interface, support for multiple accounts, all your favourite Facebook features and real-time Facebook notifications.


Path, Inc.
Path limits you to 150 connections, ensuring you are always sharing your life with family and actual real friends.