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Dr. Mehmet Oz - popularly known as Dr. Oz - first appeared on television in 2004 on The Oprah Winfrey Show. A nationally respected practicing cardiothoracic surgeon and bestselling author, Dr. Oz now champions healthy lifestyle choices for everyday Americans on his own award-winning self-titled talk show. An advocate of patients empowering themselves through both knowledge and technology, Dr. Oz shares some of his favorite health and fitness apps on Google Play.

NOTE: The app descriptions below are authored by the Google Play Editorial staff and not Dr. Oz.

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Dr. Oz's Picks App Focus


Sharecare, Inc.
Stay safe and know how to react in emergency situations.


Fitocracy, Inc.
Work out with your friends, compete with others, and stay fit. Easy to use, beautiful, and fun!


One of the best sources of medical information available, get accurate answers to your health questions from licensed doctors.

Endomondo Sports Tracker
The design is clean and the verbal cues are great. Reviewing your routes and workouts is easy and the data is rich and detailed.

I'm Expecting

Track everything while expecting - weekly updates of your baby's growth, shared info with your doctor, important checkups and more!

Fitness Flow FREE

Skimble Inc.
Get fit with streaming HD videos led by professionals. Choose your pace and get ready for a detailed and educational workout.

Strava Cycling

Strava Inc.
Turn your exercise time into a social competition! Compete with friends, explore new places to go and review detailed run statistics.

Zombies, Run!

Six to Start
Enter a zombie apocalypse in this immersive real-world running game. Varied missions and goals will make working out fun again!

NOOM Weight Loss Coach

Noom Inc.
Using this app will orient you toward a positive lifestyle that encourages long-term weight loss through planning and daily tasks.