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nBubble View and quickly reply chats of online messengers easily with nBubble! nBubble is a revolutionary app that everyone needs. This is a notifier app that organizes your online messenger message notifications and allow you to quickly send reply without opening each app. nBubble works on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Email, SMS, Hangouts, and other online messenger services. Read more to find out our features and how we can simplify your life with our revolutionary notifier app!

Annoyed by classic notification screens and popups? Do you want someone to give you a heads up about how to simplify message notifications? Here’s a pro tip, use nBubble to do it!

nBubble – Message Bubbles works by taking notifications from various messaging apps and display it to you as a floating icon or chat head, very alike to Facebook’s chat heads. And we give you a heads up, our app works even better because our app supports other messaging apps as well! Our app sends a popup to notify you, even when you are playing games or watching Youtube in Fullscreen mode. There are many options and various ways you can customize our messaging bubble notifier app.

☆ Quick send reply on the message bubble without opening each messaging app.
☆ Notify you when there’s new chats
☆ Save your time because you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to open the apps.
☆ All messenger notifications in chat heads.
☆ View message notification later.
☆ Customize your message bubbles and themes.
☆ Access messenger notification screen in lock screen.
☆ Disable nBubble chat heads for specific apps.

☆ No more dragging messenger notification bar to read new notifications
☆ There’s no need to switch between apps just to send reply
☆ Dragging notification bar to go to next, previous song
☆ Dragging notification bar to change song, or pause music while playing games

Why should you get the PRO version?
☆ Be the first to enjoy new features and app updates
☆ Ability to block and unblock notifications.
☆ Enjoy multiple themes
☆ Various other features that will be added soon!

nBubble works for all messaging apps like

☆ WhatsApp

☆ Facebook Messenger

☆ Facebook Messenger
☆ Telegram

☆ Hangouts

☆ Gmail
☆ Line

☆ Skype

☆ Twitter

☆ Threema

☆ Textra

☆ Plus Messenger

☆ Google Messenger

☆ Slack

☆ and nBubble notifications app works for all other messaging apps

We recommend that you try out our app and keep it for at least one day to understand our features better. Customizing our app will also make our app more useful and better for you personally. If you need a feature that isn’t available yet, please mention it on the review and we will try to bring it to you on the next update, usually within a week.

☆ Please give notifications, popup window, auto start permissions for the app. If you don't know how to enable it, please search in Google

☆ Redmi mobiles(Redmi Note 3) have some problems, so auto start permission is must, give auto start permission via Security->Auto Start->Turn on for nHead.

Contact nBubble notifications team

We listen to users, please report issues and give suggestions for nBubble notifications.

Email: premiumapz@gmail.com

If any one interested to fund or buy our app, please contact us at premiumapz@gmail.com.

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1080 Rezensionen
Ein Google-Nutzer
14. Dezember 2018
Tolle App! Die Optionen sollten aber besser beschrieben werden. Das Video hilft nicht viel. "Später lesen" (nach rechts wischen) funktioniert z. B. nur, wenn "Beachrichtigung nach lesen löschen" deaktiviert ist. Man muss so etwas probieren - aber es lohnt sich! Die App braucht außer "Zugriff auf Benachrichtigungen" und "Anzeige über andere Apps" keine zusätzlichen Rechte - > super!
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Ein Google-Nutzer
20. März 2019
Zur Unterstützung und für eine saubere und geordnete Benachrichtigungsübersicht ist diese App wirklich gut, wie ich persönlich finde 🤗 Sie vereinfacht, sammelt und zeigt bei Bedarf geordnet die angefallenen Benachrichtigungen an und bei Bedarf können diese auch komplett oder nur teilweise unterdrückt werden 👍🏻 Zusätzlich können ganz individuelle Einstellungen wie das Thema, Anzeigedauer, Zähler, Transparenz etc.… vorgenommen werden. Ich bin soweit sehr zufrieden & froh über diese App 🙂
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Ein Google-Nutzer
22. August 2019
Schlecht. Lese ich meine E-Mails wenn ich sie direkt aufrufe über das Email Programm, dann ändert sich im Bubble due Anzahl der Nachrichten nicht. Erst wenn ich sie in Bubble lese. Schwachsinnig! Da hängt Bubble auf dem Bildschirm mit toten Nachrichten
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Added Rectangle type chat head