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Comfort Reader makes reading e-books easier for you. It streams any text directly to your eyes. Smart text processing and colored letter animation help you to recognize and understand text faster and better. Reading an ebook will seem just like watching a film - at the speed that works best for you.

Main features:
- supported file formats: txt and pdf
- displays just the current phrase you are about to read
- makes sure that associated words won't get chopped randomly (as in conventional Speed Reading Apps with Rapid Serial Visual Presentation)
- creates a fluent stream of text at your desired speed
- colored letter animation stimulates better concentration and comprehension
- trains your reading, reduces regression and expands your vision span
- fully customizable text appearance and reading configuration
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14 בדצמ׳ 2019

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- single-line mode: switch additional lines on or off (peripheral vision)
- support for OpenDyslexic typeface
- settings (import text): paste text and edit
- save up to 10 recents reads (along with respective wpm settings)