שולחן ערוך המקוצר

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About this app

The books include the necessary laws rule in matters nowadays anyone went in effect and customs of all communities in the Holy of Yemen Ia"a, Baladi and Shami, eight volumes.
There are books and books. There are books for philosophers and students of the halls of the conference, no ordinary Jew fathom. There are books designed to advance the public, and the Torah are not reading them. But there is a unique book that won and became common knowledge, those are the books "Shulchan Aruch shortened."

> Light guide Halacha

I will quote the words of Maran Rabbi Yitzchak Rebbe praise Rassabi light guide Halacha Sitz"l Bmhdora new weekly sermon Motzei Shabbos see H'tsa"b:
We have here the book was published Dura second Jewish law, published Baruch Hashem by Rabbi Meir Lior Levy Rebbe, and indeed it has twice as resourceful. That is, he said all kinds of things about what happened the previous Bmhdora, both in matters of Strengthening our custom in our country, things that reinforce the habit of Yemeni communities in Israel and respects, the customs clear change in the order, and good eye sight, ie at the end of the book has pictures on all the details of the Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim. Part shoots opinion this is the second part, but there is some really added a lot of things.
You should know, he spent quite a lot here. That went through this many, I myself went through the pages, and not give up him even petty details. He invested and lost here a lot of money, I told him these things to perpetuate for generations, and every little thing must be precise. And he changed again and again Once he changed picture and back image, again and again, until observes out that corrected. He really did not spare the money, so he left nothing that would be learned from it, both in written words and terms paintings. Accuracy here is in everything, The book really sifted thirteen sub-district.
Or book is very important to Jewish law, this is a book that can really benefit. Especially in this generation, which has so much tradition, this generation is not so much see the last generation, but at least God gave us for this pictures, and this is something that can take the place, from the book to see and do. Hence, .

> Devices Sl-imino
In recent years mentor computerized devices types, are found everywhere, prompting many types of applications developed for the observant, and books are usually laws. Applications are mainly for the rest of the Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews, and here comes Yemeni Congregation public demand to develop an app to tell the abbreviated set table, the use of which is very necessary for them every day.

> The purpose of the development application

For those who are in their hands the cellular phones and the need to review within. And no one to give official approval on these devices, which are world leaders came out against holding, other than those who received special permission from their rabbis. So we got the sufferance Sl-mcon "righteous action" in order to win the public domain, and will be welcome.

> Degrees app

 - Including all eight volumes published to date of H'tsa"g, including a search option.
 - The laws are in order of volume parts and signs.
 - The book is arranged special layout identical to the printed book in the large and readable, and He also adapted to different mobile devices, with the option to zoom in and out.
 - Letters that appear in brackets {} at the end of each section, are turning grades and comments "Isaac's eyes" that appear in print.
 - Dozens of places in the text are combined with images from the book "Light Halacha" Bach, OC and yud.
 - High-speed signal can skip to the next or previous page.
 - Button appears on the main page "Prayer," which includes the prayer before and after study.
 - The book is displayed on the device without connecting to the online.
Note! Disconnect the device from conversations and ringing in the middle of study and prayer, and while in synagogue
Remember! Browse book printed a very big benefit and Recommended for the best! Particularly notes and grades referred to as the "eyes of Isaac", had not been brought here in the app, so browse within the book will bring much benefit.
Blessings! Apply to helpers who support our operations and the dissemination of Yemenite tradition. And Lmtcnt application R. Hecht, shlit Liran, who won by a luxurious and sophisticated product for the benefit of learners.
Learns expensive! If'll find a mistake, please send us. We welcome constructive comments.

Best regards
Editor and publisher Htzb"i Meyer Lior Levy (Atal were both injured) WIZO
© All rights reserved app organization "Light Halacha" dissemination of traditional Yemenite
Books can be purchased by us and abridged Shulchan Aruch Halacha light guide.
 Telephone: 02-6420535 Email: Or@shtaygen.co.il

The right to study the book will
 Elders in memory of Rabbi Yahya Levi Satal l
 In memory of Israel Aviel Ben Moshe Chaim Yitzchak Halevi RIP
 In memory of Mrs. Esther Badia Said daughter died blessed angels etc. tribe H'ts"a
Updated on
Feb 1, 2016

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mnhm gadka
March 29, 2021
מצויין תבורכו מפי עליון אני שוכר דירה ורוצה לדעת הלכות חול המועד יום טוב שבת ספירת העומר וכו לפי עדתינו תימן ואין לי ספרים בבית של ההורים יש תזכו למצוות אשרייכם תודה רבה גם נוח קריא מראה נקי
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A Google user
November 9, 2015
בס"ד חזק וברוך. אפשר לסדר את עניין הפונטים. קשה מאוד לנווט ללא התפריט
5 people found this review helpful
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A Google user
August 3, 2015
שנמכתי מאנדרויד 5 חזרה לקיטקט 4.4.4 כדי שאוכל לראות את הפונטים. קיימת בעיה בתצוגה באנדרויד 5
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