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About this app

Trancend uses hypnotherapy to help alter the way you think. This can produce lasting change in your life. This app is used to help reduce the stress and clutter in your brain while changing your underlying mental patterns.

How it works:

Select a list of topics that you want to work on. Lay back. Press play. Your subconscious will do the rest.

Trancend is also meant to be used while you sleep and while you work out.

Why it works:

95% of your thoughts are subconscious. Subconscious patterns affect your mood, behaviors, decisions, wellness, stress levels, and overall mental health. Traditionally we try to change these patterns of thinking with therapy and meditation. These approaches leverage the conscious mind to recognize and alter patterns in the subconscious mind. Although those practices are important, they are taking a roundabout approach to change the actual problem: subconscious patterns. This app helps you to alter those patterns drastically by talking directly to the source: the subconscious mind.

The concept is simple: If you constantly feed a statement into your subconscious, your conscious mind will eventually believe that statement as fact. Eventually, you will unconsciously start to warp your world to support that fact. Even if that fact is not true at first, you will eventually start to make it true.

Let's say you want to work on happiness. Trancend will constantly tell your subconscious that the world is a happy place and that you are a happy person. Eventually, you will start doing things that happy people do - like smile and engage in pleasant conversations. These things will make you feel good, which will reinforce these subconscious patterns - which will make you more likely to do more happy things in the future. The pattern keeps on repeating from your subconscious to your actions, to your conscious - then, one day you'll realize that you are just plain happy.

Three Ways to Practice Hypnotherapy

Trancend aims to focus on all of the most important states of consciousness to maximize change. Aside from traditional hypnosis, we utilize active hypnosis while working out, and sleep hypnosis at night. These techniques focus on completely different brainwaves patterns and states of consciousness. When all three are combined real lasting change can be anchored in your brain.

Sleep Hypnotherapy

Sleep therapy focuses on Delta and Theta waves. When you fall asleep and when you wake up you are guaranteed to come in and out of a trance. This is when subliminal guidance is most impactful. By letting Trancend play through your phone speakers or headphones at night you are more likely to have the suggestions take hold into your subconscious. Your dreams will become more pleasant and goal-oriented. This will anchor your desired change deep down, allowing you to wake up with a clear sense of purpose. You can use Trancend to help you fall asleep at night, or you can set it to play after a period of time like a snooze timer.

Active Hypnotherapy

Alpha waves are the rarer of the three brainwaves we aim to target. These are emitted when you are in an extreme state of focus. We leverage this state by using a technique called Active Hypnotherapy. This is where you do repetitive physical activity during a hypnotherapy session. We recommend getting on a treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical, setting the resistance low, closing your eyes, and focusing on mental images of your goals during your session. This helps anchor the patterns from your subconscious guidance into the real-world.


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Nov 1, 2020

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New trance time calculations added to hypnotherapy, sleep, and breathwork trances.