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About this game

"Poo Pool” is a toilet-themed version of pool (pocket billiards).

Poo Pool is pretty open-ended. You make up the rules. Lots of different games are possible but the basic process is essentially like pocket billiards.

Just use your finger to flick the blue "scrubee" at the speed and in the direction you hope makes it strike a poo, one of which, after a chain of collisions and recoils, might land in one of the toilets. Sink a poo and the active player (yellow background) receives 1 point. Hear the sounds of colliding poos squishing together and the toilet flushing as the poo sinks.

[PLAYER 1] or [PLAYER 2]
Change players any time by pressing on the button at the top of the screen. The active player, the one who accumulates the score, has the yellow background.

[NEW] Starts a new game. The score is reset to zero. The scrubee can be moved to any desired location by tapping on the “bathroom floor.”
[RACK] Same as [NEW] but keeps the accumulated score. To use when all poops have been cleared but you want to game to continue.
[BACK UP] You might decide on a game where you have to specify the pocket to sink the poop. This button will retrieve the mis-shot poop, place it on a random spot on the table and subtract 1 from the score of the player.

[Friction Slider] Sets the deceleration due to “friction.” A setting of 0, all the way left on the slider is no friction. All the way to the right, value of 100 is essentially all objects stuck to the table. A good value to start with is 25.
[READ] This document.
[QUIT] Exit the app or start a new game.

The laws of CessPool physics are quite simple. A struck sprite will continue at about the speed of the one hitting it, in the same direction. The striking object also continues in the same direction at one tenth of its original speed. It kind of replicates exchange of kinetic energy of two (un-poop-like) almost perfectly elastic objects. (I haven’t taken off-center collisions, spin, conservation of momentum and stuff like that into account.) Bounces off the sides of the table are treated as perfectly elastic collisions, speed stays the same, angle of incidence equals angle of reflection.

That being said, there seems to be interactions between the poos that are unexplained by the simple rules governing their motion. The poos are revolting (in both senses of the word)! They have taken on a life of their own!
Updated on
Oct 25, 2019

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What's new

This is the first release of Poo Pool, version 1.0