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ICSx⁵ allows you to add/subscribe and manage external (Webcal) iCalendar/.ics files on your Android device. One-way sync to your device.

Add high days and holidays, your sports teams events, time tables of your school/university or any other event files that come in ics/ical format. The app will import these events for you and displays it in your favorite calendar app on your Android – it integrates seamlessly into your device. ICSx⁵ uses state-of-the-art technology for synchronization that provides the ability that you always have the most up-to-date version of any added calendar file. All events are perfectly delivered to you devices calendar.

* Subscribe to Webcal feeds (= synchronize at regular intervals) e.g. shared calendars from icloud.com
* You can also pick .ics files from your local device and add its events to your calendar.
* Allows to open webcal:// and webcals:// URLs on your Android web browser
* Seamless integration to other calendar apps
* Set a sync schedule
* Intelligent update checker to save bandwidth
* Authentication and HTTPS supported
* Open Source!

We care for your privacy and have high security standards. Therefore we have made ICSx⁵ completely public and open source. No data (neither login data, nor calendar data, nor statistical or usage data) is transferred to anywhere except the chosen server. No Google Calendar or account required.

ICSx⁵ is being developed by open source enthusiasts who have also developed DAVx⁵, the award-winning open-source CalDAV/CardDAV sync adapter for Android.

Our homepage, including configuration info and FAQ: https://icsx5.bitfire.at/
For help and discussion please visit our forums: https://icsx5.bitfire.at/forums/
2022. márc. 24.


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232 vélemény
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2017. szeptember 8.
It really works with even not https certified servers! Great job guys!
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Use Work-Manager additionally to ensure sync is running
* handle exceptions without a main event
* fixed a bug where credentials couldn't be entered
* COLOR property is now being parsed and pre-suggested when present in the ical file

* NEW: allow local files to be synced via any SAF (Storage Access Framework) capable app (does not require external storage permission anymore)
* minor bugs and optimiziations