WiFi Key Recovery (needs root)

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Informazioni su questa app

** You need root to use this application.
** You need to have connected to the network in the past.
** This app cannot "hack" into an unknown/new network.

I cannot help you with getting root. Have a look at http://forum.xda-developers.com for that.

Have you ever forgotten the password of your home WiFi network, or the one you setup for your parents a few months back?

This application will help you recover the password of a wireless network you have connected to with your device in the past.

You can then either tap on an entry to copy it, or export the list to SD, or share it using the standard Android sharing facilities.

It does not crack the network, or use the MAC/SSID address to deduce the password. It simply reads it from the device itself.

Essentially it parses the wpa_supplicant file.

For more information on how the keys are recovered read here: http://alt236.blogspot.com/2011/04/android-wifi-password-locations.html

No ads.
Please use responsibly.

Tested by me on:
•HTC Desire Z
•Samsung Galaxy Tab.

According to feedback it also works on:
•HTC Desire HD
•HTC Evo
•LG Optimus 2X
•Motorola Defy
•Samsung Captivate
•Viewsonic gTablet
•Xperia X10 Mini

Email me if does not work on your device and I'll try to fix it.

Github: https://github.com/alt236/Wifi-Key-Recovery---Android

Please email me with any bugs/problems/feature requests. I cannot reply to market comments which can make debugging difficult.
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5 mag 2012

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42.800 recensioni
Bekim Progni
21 dicembre 2020
Non funziona ne con ne senza root. Da password a caso o come dice qualcuno sono "criptate".. bahh però almeno i nomi delle reti le da giuste
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Andry Nat
2 luglio 2020
Non più aggiornata, non supporta le ultime versioni di android
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Un utente Google
15 febbraio 2019
Marzia Vicari, se non sai scrivere in italiano e non conosci almeno un po di inglese,, è un bene che non usi certe applicazioni.
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First public release.

Bugfixes, added support for WEP keys.

Added support for 802.1x networks.

Added more key file locations.

Stability fixes, speed increase, UI refresh.

Removed the QRCode Encode option. Sorry, it slipped in from my development tree. I will re-add it (fully working) in the next version.

Code cleanup, re-added QRCode display.

UI Update, rewrote some of the internals.