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À propos de l'application

TrainLab is a training application developed by Transurb Simulation in order to get train staff familiarized with one or several types of rolling stock, operation procedures and breakdown troubleshooting.

This version of TrainLab has been specifically developed for Vy, the Norwegian train operator. Please contact Transurb Simulation if you want a version for your company.

It can also be considered as an interactive handbook of your train. This application provides users with documentation, media content and animations to learn more about particular topics.

• Accessibility: As a tablet training solution, TrainLab is easily accessible. After being downloaded, it can be used offline 24/7.
• Training complement: This application enables learners to get acquainted with a new rolling stock before driving training.
• Editable: Clients can edit this tool by themselves and make it evolve according to their needs.
• Multifaceted learning approach with different learning modes such as free, guided, etc.
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19 sept. 2018

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