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About this app

Music Therapy against Tinnitus

People who suffer from Tinnitus know how stressful it is and, unfortunately, they are often told that there is no solution to such a problem.
Tinnitus stresses the affected person, stealing his/her quality of life. The unstoppable buzzing disturbs the daily or work routine on a large scale and even comes to destroy professional careers. The constant noise disrupts concentration, steals the focus, performance, reasoning ability and joy of living of the individual.

Free of Tinnitus and other discomforts through music? Yes, it’s possible!

Download the free InTakt app on your phone and choose from the examples of tinnitus there which one is your “nasty companion”. Sign up, pay the monthly fee and you will be armed with a valuable weapon to fight Tinnitus or another annoying issue in your life.
For Tinnitus, click on one of the sound to which your tinnitus belongs and you are automatically choosing which kind of binaural beats composed by the Maestro will be your music therapy. In the first three weeks, you will notice the difference!

Duration of therapy
The treatment lasts for 12 months. During this period you will hear 12 pieces of music with different binaural beats. Each music will accompany you for 30 days, at which point the next song in your music group will automatically play, and so on up to music 12.
The longer the music therapy is used, the better the effects and its success.

Scientifically proven
MRC Institute of Hearing Research is intensively dedicated to the problem of Tinnitus, working in accordance with the parameters of the National Study of Hearing.
Our brain has the ability to reorganize itself, develop new branches and thus to change. We know that tinnitus is subjective in nature, i.e., sometimes the sound is not real – it’s a ghost noise that happens because some nerve cells in the auditory center of the brain are super active.
Binaural Beats therapy stimulates some nerve centers in the brain to produce some special frequencies while the brain itself learns a new behavior. In this sequence, the nerve cells that were super active calm down and submit to the new, reorganized brain behavior.

Did you detect the tinnitus that bothers you, registered and made the payment?
Now, with headphones that can be either open or closed, you can comfortably do your therapy on the couch, in a park or in your bedroom before going to sleep. It is important that you focus on the binaural beats music. Do not be distracted by reading a book or any other task, and listen 1 or 2 times a day for 30 minutes.

* Do not stress if a “worsening” occurs – this is normal, just like with homeopathic treatments.

You don’t have tinnitus? You're a lucky guy! Choose from other therapies that of your interest, such as meditation, panic disorder, burnout and others.

InTakt app offers a test version for you to know the style of our music with binaural beats.

Social security agreements do not (yet) cover this type of therapy without prior consultation. Talk to your doctor who can attest the condition and with your health insurance company to evaluate the possibility of coverage.
Learn more by visiting our website: https://www.cerebralmusic.com.br/

Use InTakt app at your own risk.
If you suffer from Epilepsy, do not use our therapies without consulting your doctor!
Updated on
Feb 12, 2019

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