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Review from Abraham Leay
THE PERFECT TASKS APP! I use this as a to-do list app. That said, this is what I love about it: Tasks under tasks. Sync with Google. Resizable widget. You can scroll within the widget. Tasks are easily removed and edited, even from the widget. What else do you want? It's PERFECT!!


What's New
- Fixed crash on 4.3.
- In-app donations
- Google Now integration (speak “note to self: …” in Google Now)
- DashClock Widget integration
- Support for related emails for tasks added by Gmail
- Ability to snooze reminders
- Alphabetical sort mode
- Implemented support for 3rd party widgets like Pure Calendar Widget, Agenda Widget and others
- Improved Calendar Picker: Added shortcuts for today, tomorrow, next week and current day is highlighted
- Indicator for overdue tasks
- ...


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